Lectures & Workshops



We separate magic from mentalism in terms of both presentation and effect.  We outline the differences between the two kinds of performance with regard to their goals and aims, their structural characteristics and their impact on the audience.  We explain and demonstrate what separates a mentalist from a magician and illustrate this with several memorable examples.



Readings are attracting increasing interest in the mentalism community – less as genuine psychic demonstrations and more as ‘empathic’ or ‘mentalism readings’ which add a layer of individual meaning and significance for the participants in the performance.  We will teach you how apply a layer of readings to your performance so that you can provide readings in a serious and confident way.  We teach you techniques to enable you to genuinely read people and methods that you can use to develop appropriate statements to deliver.



Hypnosis can be performed either as a stand-alone piece – genuine hypnosis for entertainment purposes – or as something which can be applied to a mentalism performance in order to provide presentational justification for the working of a routine.  Either way you will learn how to genuinely demonstrate hypnosis with the attitude, patter and confidence that it requires.  You’ll not only learn the techniques it takes to genuinely hypnotize anyone anywhere but also the care, thoroughness and restraint that should underlie all hypnosis performances.


We can also provide thoughts, experiences, insights and advice on managing heckling in mentalism and magic performances.  This is hard-won advice that will open your eyes – and before you fall flat on your face!  If you have ever found yourself being heckled we’ll help you to understand the possible reasons behind it in order to stop it from happening again.  We will give you methods of preparation and systematic avoidance strategies based on years of practical experience.  This is fully underpinned by academic research and key techniques from certified training programs in guidance, counselling, coaching and mediation.


Even if you think your products and services are great, it might be that you feel that you don’t strike the right chord when approaching your potential customers.  Perhaps you think your sales or your client and customer satisfaction don’t really reflect the quality of your products and effort.  We can help you to identify the various needs of your target audiences and the best ways of working with them.  We advise on how you can build confidence with your clients and how to build trusting, sustainable and profitable relationships with them.


Far too often we see mentalism performances that are characterized by an inappropriate demonstration of arbitrariness or ‘whateverism’.  From our point of view there are far too many meaningless effects and presentations out there.  They barely scratch the surface of the audiences’ minds, when in fact those minds should be explored to their innermost depths – or at least the performance should appear to do so.  We’ll analyse the characteristics of meaningfulness and raise important questions of what actually concerns people.  Finally, we’ll provide you with ways to identify and apply meaningfulness and emotional impact to your work.