Performer Services

You have already worked out your show’s concepts, routines and effects but you feel that for some reason they don’t work together as strongly as you had hoped.  Perhaps you feel that the individual parts could be tweaked for increased presentational impact.  We can take care of this for you.  We will analyse your work and help you to develop and optimize the effects, adjusting them to your individual requirements.



Your effects and routines are fine but your show seems to be missing a congruent linking theme throughout.  You feel that it needs a consistent plot or story to act as a thread for the whole performance.  We can help by examining the background and context of your show and creating or enhancing the frame which surrounds it.  This frame will enable you to seamlessly integrate your personality and approach into a congruent whole.



If you know your effects, routines and plot are fine then perhaps you feel that your audience somehow doesn’t quite ‘get’ what you want to convey.  Perhaps you feel that you could improve the way you get your message across.  We can counsel you with regard to that message and the overall impression the audience gets from the performance.  We can advise on matters ranging from ‘impact of theme’ to ‘sustainability of visual performance’.


Perhaps you have an idea for an effect or routine but struggle with its physical realisation. Maybe you need to adapt an existing method to suit your specific requirements. Or perhaps you need a reliable technical solution for something entirely new.  We can help by developing technical solutions for specific tasks and effects and can also modify existing methods so that they work better (or properly) under your particular performance conditions.  We can also provide you with a range of physical options for your performance, from the purely mechanical to the electronic, and all tailored to your individual needs.


Even if you think your products and services are great, it might be that you feel that you don’t strike the right chord when approaching your potential customers.  Perhaps you think your sales or your client and customer satisfaction don’t really reflect the quality of your products and effort.  We can help you to identify the various needs of your target audiences and the best ways of working with them.  We advise on how you can build confidence with your clients and how to build trusting, sustainable and profitable relationships with them.


Do your products and services really resonate with your clients and customers? Do they capture your audience’s imagination?  Perhaps your goals need to be conveyed more memorably – maybe even on a subliminal or subconscious level.  We can give you the methods to make this happen.  We can provide you with the techniques to convey your ideas effectively and to hook your clients during a sales pitch in a mood of mutual trust, confidence and with the aim of lasting customer loyalty.